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Flexible Engagement

Cross & Wild is an advertising agency and strategic consultancy focused in healthcare. We were founded with a desire to address two inherent flaws found in traditional consultancy firms and advertising agencies: a focus on potential work beyond the work at hand, and the need to bill junior level staff at high rates in order to ensure profitability. We engage differently, are focused on brand needs vs. billable hours, and provide every client with experienced staff that is committed to their business. 

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Right People
Fresh Approach

Cross & Wild employs a flexible work force that aligns senior level talent directly to specific client needs. Working in a SWAT team manner, our team is focused on the specific task at hand, engages quickly, and steps aside when the work is complete. This approach provides the highest levels of expertise at optimal costs. Working when needed, where needed, and as needed, we offer our clients the benefit of fixed fees that aren't constantly adjusted based on hours worked.

Creative Development
& Execution

Working on hundreds of brands with decades of experience, we've helped everything from small targeted brands to blockbusters achieve their potential. Whether it's a discreet project or full brand launch effort, our personnel can be quickly aligned to your challenge. Print, digital, social, out-of-home, broadcast - yep, you name it and we've likely done it.

Strategic Support & Guidance

Our base of experience and expertise enables us to get up to speed quickly, provide thorough solutions, and help our clients to meet and exceed their goals. We bring strategic insight and category expertise to support marketing personnel, senior level managers, venture capital and private equity firms. We have even worked with internal analytics and finance teams to evaluate acquisitions, divestments, and commercial scale up support & planning.

Insights, Analyses & Business Expertise

As former sales, marketing, agency and corporate executives, we bring grounded insight that is focused on customer solutions. Improving sales pull-through, preparing a launch, handling competitive entries, or implementing a new social channel promotional plan are small examples of what and how we help our clients.

We work with clients from the earliest stages of commercialization through the latter stages of a brand's life cycle. Through proprietary tools, workshops and focused engagement, we bring a range of insights and work to define or refine a brand's approach to help maximize commercial success.


Broad & Diverse Experience

From startups and orphan products to blockbusters and primary care, we've worked across the industry and across therapeutic categories. Whether your brand is in late stage clinical trials or in the latter stages of patent life, we have relevant experience and expertise to be able to help and hit the ground running. 

Our team includes 2500+ strategic, creative, digital, production, editorial & other 'agency type' people

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